If you’ve been thinking about changing career paths, you may just be a webcam away from earning millions of dollars. YouTube personality PewDiePie  recently came under fire after sharing with the world that he raked in $7 million USD in earnings from YouTube. The problem was many didn’t believe him.  As it turns out he has a lot more for his haters to be mad at.  He actually brought home $12 million USD according to Forbes‘ annual list of highest-paid YouTube stars.

Other online personalities making some good coin include Smosh and FineBros who both cleared $8.5 million each. Violinist and multi-talented creative Lindsey Stirling made an estimated $6 million USD through her channel. Check out the top 10 list below and head over to Forbes for an in depth feature on how they’ve all amassed an incredible fortune with YouTube.

1. PewDiePie– $12 million
2. Smosh– $8.5 million
2. Fine Brothers – $8.5 million
4. Lindsey Stirling – $6 million
5. Rhett & Link – $4.5 million
5. KSI – $4.5 million
7. Michelle Phan – $3 million
8. Lilly Singh – $2.5 million
8. Roman Atwood – $2.5 million
8. Rosanna Pansino – $2.5 million