Beats isn’t known for its speakers, it’s known for its iconic headphones — and rightly so. Even if you aren’t a fan of the company’s high-priced in-, on-, or over-the-ear offerings, you have to admit they are all much better than the crude and plasticky Pill speaker. But today, Beats is announcing the first speaker that it’s made since the company was acquired by Apple last summer. It’s called the Pill+, and it’s the most attractive-looking and sounding speaker that Beats has ever made.

The new $229 speaker isn’t any sort of radical redesign. Instead, it’s a refinement on the recognizable Beats Pill look. It’s shaped like — you guessed it — a pill, but the new version feels much sturdier than its predecessors. It’s topped with four buttons: a squishy rubber power button on the left, a metal pause / play button emblazoned with the Beats “b” logo in the center, and two more rubber buttons for volume control on the right.

The Beats Pill+ will be available in November at select retailers for $230 USD.

The Verge