Red Bull Air Race2

Only one stop remains in the eighth season of the Red Bull Air Race World Championship the finale in Las Vegas, USA on October 17-18   and the race planes are already on their way. Ferrying his Edge 540 from the previous stop in Fort Worth, Texas, Kirby Chambliss, a native of the American Southwest, took the opportunity to show Matthias Dolderer of Germany and Nicolas Ivanoff of France the glorious landscape of Monument Valley, Utah.

It was a chance to clear their heads before the action to come at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, where Team Chambliss, Ivanoff’s Team Hamilton and Matthias Dolderer Racing will join the 11 other elite teams, determined to finish their season on a high. Britain’s Paul Bonhomme and Australia’s Matt Hall will be racing for the World Championship title, in a winner-takes-all showdown battle in the final race of the 2015 season.

Tickets are still available for the Red Bull Air Race in Las Vegas Motor Speedway on 17/18 October, 2015. For information, simply visit

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