2015 Ford Mustang 50 Year Limited Edition

For 2015, the half-century-old Mustang adds a modern 310-horsepower turbocharged four-cylinder engine that’s fuel efficient and refined even as it delivers more horsepower and torque than the Mustang’s V-6.

The starting manufacturer’s suggested retail price, including destination charge, for a 2015 Mustang Fastback coupe with 300-horsepower V-6 and six-speed manual transmission is $24,700.

It also features an illuminated Mustang horse emblem spotlighted on the ground outside the car’s two doors when the car is unlocked, which is a unique and welcoming touch for when a driver approaches the vehicle inside a darkened garage.

The EcoBoost turbo adds to the price, too, with the base Mustang EcoBoost Fastback starting at $26,200 with manual transmission and the base EcoBoost Convertible starting at $35,700 with manual.

Other items: The EcoBoost Mustang comes with automatic grille shutters that can close part or all of the grille so air doesn’t enter when it’s not needed for engine cooling.

ABC News