If you thought that music streaming wasn’t big business or that Apple Music was just going to be satisfied with being one of maNy other services available, you would have been sadly mistaken. Shots have been fired by way of a lawsuit. According to the lawsuit, Apple Music is suing TIDAL for $20 million because of Drake’s appearance in a Lil Wayne charity concert benefiting kids affected by hurricane Katrina.

The concert that is really at the center of this whole thing is Lil WayneAna Fest that occurred on Friday night. Proceeds from the concert go towards after-school programs supported by Weezy’s The Carter Fund.

From a business perspective, Drake signed a $19 million deal with Apple to be one of the artists to help launch the service. This includes special releases and his own radio station on Beats 1 Radio. From what we’ve been hearing Jay Z has been left with little choice but to cut Drake’s part out.  This is yet another blow to Jay Z’s struggling streaming service that has been hit with several setbacks since its initial launch.

Business is business, but let’s not forget that Lil Wayne was trying to do something to benefit his community and the kids of that community. In a day and age where celebrities get media coverage for all of the wrong things, it’s good to see an artist like Wayne reaching back to the community.