2015 Forbes Women's Summit: Transforming The Rules Of Engagement

Jessica Alba is much more than a pretty face.  She co-founded The Honest Company in 2011 and since then it has become a $1 billion company. Despite the success, she recently found herself in the middle of controversy after sunscreen sold by her brand was revealed to be faulty and became a social media nightmare.

Aside from the faulty products and PR nightmare, Alba is launching a new line of beauty products. “The values we stand for – safe, effective products to lead a healthy life – translate into every vertical,” she said. “Beauty was always part of the plan. It was just a matter of when, how and being able to execute it properly. I didn’t want to do this half.”

“The size of the beauty market is much larger than the other categories we are claiming today, so does it have the potential to be larger than The Honest Company? Absolutely,” said Brian Lee, cofounder and chief executive officer of The Honest Company. “We wouldn’t go into a category unless we thought we could make a large impact.”

The 83-piece collection will be available at select retailers next month.