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At this pace, Meek Mill must be going for some world record as the first person to rack up the most L’s in a two week span. As if things weren’t bad enough with Drake and his girl reportedly breaking up with him, TMZ is now reporting that celebrities Khloe Kardashian​, Justin BieberNicki Minaj, Chris Brown, and others have been added to a lawsuit filed against Meek Mill for an unauthorized house party that resulted in a rental house being completely trashed.

The landlord is suing Mr. Mill for breaking the lease, for damages, and for around 994 people trespassing. As of this post, Meek has failed to negotiate a settlement with the owner on the amount owed for the damages. The guest list included the celebrities listed above which is why they are being dragged into the suit.  If a settlement cannot be reached, the attorney for the homeowner will depose each celebrity that was in attendance to get their account of what actually happened.  The Meek Saga is far from over.