MKX Revel

The all-new 2016 Lincoln MKX is the first to offer a premium audio experience from iconic loudspeaker brand Revel.  The result is something unique that until now was only available through high-end home audio systems.

Revel, HARMAN International’s most exclusive loudspeaker brand, worked with Lincoln engineers and designers to craft a 13-speaker Revel audio system and a 19-speaker Revel Ultima™ system for the all-new Lincoln MKX.  Since 1996, Revel has served its audiophile customer base with exceptional, award-winning home-audio equipment.

Emphasizing science-based speaker architecture and acoustic precision, Revel systems are designed to re-create a musical performance as precisely and purely as it was recorded.

We recently sat down with Revel Product Development Manager Kevin Voecks to discuss his thoughts on sound and how this project came to be. Enjoy the interview below, and the images from the all new 2016 Lincoln MKX

What are your top 5 favorite artists of all time?

It’s hard to limit it to just five. My taste leans towards the classics, but if I had to pick five, I would say Led Zeplin (the best rock band of all time), James Taylor, Michael Jackson, Ray Charles and the Rolling Stones.

What kind of music gets your day started?

I usually start my morning watching Morning Joe and I appreciate the music in between segments.  Outside of that, EDM  usually gets me going in the morning.

Where do you travel, and what won’t you travel without?

Over the last few years since our luxury audio division has expanded, I don’t get the chance to travel internationally as much, which I do miss.  We’re doing a lot of work with Lincoln so the majority of my travels have been to Detroit. Shanghai will be a huge focus for us in the future.  When I do travel, I always take my iPhone, iPad and HKBT headphones.

We read that you started two companies when you were in college. Looking back, how has the audiophile world changed? What has stayed the same?

The store that we started is still one of our dealers in Massachusetts. It’s part of what hasn’t changed.  The customers they serve are still very much into music. The biggest change has been moving from Analog to Digital. It’s now digital done right.

What’s your approach to designing a loudspeaker?

What differentiates Revel from others is that we’re not a one-man-band.  It’s about the team. We have a team of very intelligent individuals that rely on science and research to avoid some of the mistakes that others have made.  At the end of the day, everything we do is backed by pure science.

Is the process different when you are designing a speaker for a car?

The process is extremely similar. We can incorporate a laser scan of your torso to track the source field so that you are able to hear everything.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

Music. Good sound reproduction.

How have you enjoyed working with Lincoln?

It’s been absolutely phenomenal! What’s blown my mind is the uniform commitment. They are totally committed to making great cars and ensuring a great customer experience. I am also very proud of the fact that it is a U.S. based company.

What’s one thing you cannot live without?


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