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Actor Jake Gyllenhaal graces the cover of the August 2015 issue of Details magazine. Lensed by Mark Seliger, the Southpaw star cleans up nicely in a well tailored suit for the magazine cover. In the issue Gyllenhaal talks about his theater experience as well as his physical transformation for Southpaw saying  “People have a lot of other shit they have to do that’s more interesting and more important, so I don’t blame them for being like, ‘Oh, wait, how many sit-ups did you have to do?’ Or, ‘Oh, wow, what did you eat to lose that much weight?’ But you’re missing the point. Nightcrawler was ironically about the trouble with that question. It was about why people only look at how much weight you lost, as opposed to what’s at the heart of what you’re doing. In that world, where we just focus on those things, somebody like Lou Bloom thrives. In fact, he rules.”  View the full feature on Details.com.

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