Oklahoma City Thunder point guard Russell Westbrook continues to make strides in the fashion industry.  He is adding to his growing list of accomplishments in the industry by linking up with high-end fragrance brand Byredo.  The two have a lot in common given the fact that Byredo’s founder Ben Gorham is a basketball player-turned-perfumer. The result of this collaboration is a fragrance called “Westbrook” which will be available exclusively at Barneys.

According to Gorham the collaborative scent was a result of the “duality that I found in Russell’s character. The first part of it was really related to him as an athlete and what I’d seen and experienced in terms of him playing basketball, which was this immensely fierce competitor. On a personal level, he was very humble, very soft-spoken, very interested, and very creative. So to me, there was, I wouldn’t say a contradiction, but a contrast. And with fragrance, to capture that contrast was interesting.”

The unisex scent retails for $350 and  is currently available at Barneys.