As London Collection: Men rolls on, we’ve seen a number of labels present their collections for the upcoming 2016 season.  Jimmy Choo decided to turn things up a notch and present in high octane fashion combining traditional formalwear with the functionality of sports apparel. Creative Director Sandra Choi reflected on the collection saying “the man of today — the man I see on the street — is a liberated man of action,” said Choi. “He’s a gentleman of our time who is clued-up about the codes of the past, but is by no means bound by them. The fault lines that used to run between the formal and the informal, the sartorial and the sporting, or the technical and the extrovert are rapidly fading. The only rule that counts now is that when you choose what to wear today, it has to be both fit for purpose and a true expression of your personality.”

The latest collection features a number of new styles with staples of the brand getting refreshes with heavy sports influences. Features include brogue uppers atop vulcanized soles, a Vibram penny loafer, paint-splattered derbies and a nylon-oxford. Check out the Jimmy Choo website to learn more about the forthcoming 2016 Spring/Summer collection.

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