CM The Hundreds

CM The Hundreds2

The Hundreds brings  together the gorgeous Charlotte McKinney and mastermind photographer Sir Neave together for a collaboration that goes beyond T-shirts and social media points; towards the nexus of two careers exploding together, and because of each other. Behind every great model, there’s a great photographer.  And you can’t have a Charlotte McKinney without a Neave Bozorgi.  “I think we bring out good in each other,” Charlotte says, “and I think when Neave shoots me he tries to find my best light and my best angles. Neave and I don’t really shoot with the same people more than once, but I think why we’ve kept shooting and why we’re still friends…”  The Dancing with the Stars favorite and the popular paparazzo have shot together for years; their body of work anchored in a deep and trustful friendship.  “I think we always want to put our best foot forward and we’re always trying to do the next level.  I think that’s why we always want to work together.  I think Neave and I can just blow up the world.”  Head over to the The Hundreds website to learn more and look for the collection to drop on April 24th.