Looks like the home of the Whopper is getting into the fragrance business. We have seen a lot of food and fashion combinations, but this has to be one of the more interesting ones. Burger King is said to be in the process of releasing a “Flame-Filled” fragrance to its Japanese market. The release date is set for April 1st, which as we all know is April Fool’s Day.  This could all be one big joke, but the fact that April 1st is also “Whopper Day” in Japan gives the release a little more credibility.

The limited edition fragrance comes with the purchase of a whopper and will sell for ¥5,000 ($41 USD). and is limited to just one per customer. In addition to offering the “Flame-Filled” fragrance on “Whopper Day”, customers also have the chance to purchase a “Whopper Pass” for ¥5,000 ($41 USD) and entitles the owner to 30 days of Whopper meal deals.