Dunhill 2015

British menswear designer Dunhill is giving us a look into their upcoming collection via this new lookbook. As opposed to following the cookie cutter mold of offering remakes of classics, designer John Ray looks to Britain’s heritage – specifically the greatness of the 1800s. Longer jackets, higher trousers, and relaxed shirts with braces are paired with stylish loafers. The collection is designed from a modern perspective and includes casual touches and modern styling.

 “The British definitely have an underlying respect for appropriateness and the presentation of oneself. Yet they unwittingly get it wrong; Those mismatched details or unconventional pairings worn with a devil-may-care attitude strike me as inherently British. This notion of insouciance, combined with the freedom that comes with being a visiting guest at a friend’s private residence, intrigued me and informed the over riding message of escape for this spring summer collection. “

– John Ray, chief designer of Dunhill

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