Mickey Drexler

Whether we like to admit it or not, our industry and the business that is fashion is a “me too” industry.  Brands that set trends become market leaders and subsequently brands release collections that mirror what caught fire.  In an effort to catch lightening in a bottle we see the market flooded with variations of the same thing.  Take the latest trend of sportswear and athletic apparel.  Almost every designer offers something in this space.  However there’s one brand that is going to pass on this latest trend. In a recent interview with Business of Fashion, J. Crew CEO Mickey Drexler announced that this isn’t an arena that they are going to play in.

Drexler states that J.Crew has considered making athletic and yoga apparel, referencing products made by Under Armour and Lulelemon, which have gained in popularity in recent years as consumers incorporate athletic apparel into their everyday clothing rotation.  However, after careful consideration Drexler and J. Crew came to the conclusion that they don’t have the resources and capabilities to compete with a premium product in a space that’s price sensitive. Is J. Crew missing out on an opportunity? Head over to Business of Fashion to read the full article.

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