Soft Furnishings

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“Soft furnishings, always a flashpoint”, observes Andrea in one episode of the UK sitcom Men BehavingBadly. It’s not always easy to agree on a colour scheme especially if you have to compromise with your other half. If you both have a strong idea of what you want sparks are bound to fly. Not everyone sees colour in the same way and taste is a very individual thing. A showdown in the furniture section of the department store is to be avoided so here’s a way to come to some agreement before you leave home.

Soft Furnishings2

Using new computer software, HomeByMe, you can draw a 3D model of your home and decorate it to your heart’s content. It’s free to download and you can start straight away by plotting the layout of your property. Once you’ve got the outline you can start to choose and rearrange the furniture. To help you get the hang of it there are HomebyMe tutorials on YouTube e.g. it explains how to change from Imperial to Metric measurements by clicking on the settings icon.

Once you have your new virtual home on the screen the fun begins – you can share it with friends to get a bit of 3rd party advice too. Using the colour choices on the left of the screen you can choose wallpaper, or the paint shade for the walls and ceiling and decide on curtains or blinds. Change the covers on the sofa and scatter some tasteful cushions around. What to put on the floor? Parquet, fitted carpet, tiles, matting, rugs? Select with a click of the mouse.

What bed covers would complement the colour scheme in the bedroom? Play around with the options, add some cushions, a plant or two, table lamps and coordinate the towels in the ensuite. Floor or window length curtains or shutters? Without spending a cent you can mix and match, shade in or delete and hopefully come to an amicable agreement with your partner.

Once you have the basics in you can spice up the decor with an aquarium or some wall stickers – the kids will love this bit too. Open the patio doors, add some decking in the garden and plan the barbeque corner you have always wanted. The only limit is your imagination. Download it now and start your new career in interior design!

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