Michelle Williams LV2

For a third straight season, luxury fashion house Louis Vuitton has tapped actress Michelle Williams to promote its line of desirable handbags. In previous campaigns, Williams was seen frolicking in trunks and on bicycles. In an about face, new creative director Nicholas Ghesquiere takes a more intimate approach with the visuals. Famed photographer Peter Lindberg captures the 33 year-old toting  Louis Vuitton’s Capucine and Lockit bags in new hues of ‘Outremer’ (sky blue), soft pink magnolia and dark blue cobalt. According to the luxury brand ‘The resulting series of portraits hints at the woman behind the actress, revealing the intriguing balance of force and fragility that made Michelle Williams such a compelling choice as the face of Louis Vuitton.’

Michelle Williams LV3

Michelle Williams LV4

Michelle Williams LV5

Michelle Williams LV6

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