Pharrell Williams has been on one heck of a run this past year and a half.  From the radio to the big screen, there’s nothing that he touches that doesn’t turn to gold. To add to his growing list accomplishments, today Skateboard P. was also named British GQ’s Solo Artist of The Year. Pharrell will also appear on the cover of WSJ. Magazine as The Wall Street Journal‘s non-newspaper publication presents its fall men’s style issue for September 2014. Lensed by Peter Linderberg, the black and white editorial sees the Virginia native sporting looks from adidas, COMME des GARÇONS, Dior Homme, Lanvin, Bally, Barneys New York, and Church’s. The article goes into Pharrell’s meteoric rise in the industry. Below is an excerpt from the interview.  The full interview is available here while the WSJ. Magazine‘s September 2014 men’s style issue hits newsstands on September 13th.

As dusk begins to paint a warm summer day in pinks and oranges, Pharrell Williams arrives at a studio in L.A.’s San Fernando Valley whose atmosphere seems entirely consistent with the mystical calm of a man who has lately seemed to float into public appearances on a lotus flower. In a courtyard behind a pair of tall, ivy-framed wooden doors, a mossy fountain babbles and blue jacaranda blossoms pool on the flagstones. Just inside the studio itself, beneath a plaque certifying the multiplatinum status of Rihanna’s Good Girl Gone Bad, a celadon Buddha presides over a couple of music technicians watching a football game and eating M&Ms. One of them uses his knees to squeeze a pillow embroidered with the words “You Have Free Will.” Down the hall, perfectly insulated, Snoop Dogg toys with rhythms for a new track.

Pharrell arrives late. A crew from NBA 2K, the hugely popular basketball video game, has already assembled on a freshly built set, where Pharrell’s avatar will be generated by 68 cameras aimed simultaneously at his head. As if prepping for an MRI, he is asked to remove all metal objects from his person, including several Chanel necklaces whose costume jewels he has replaced with large pearls and jade beads, as well as a set of gold tooth caps he commissioned from a Brooklyn jeweler named Gabby. (All members of Pharrell’s retinue wear these discreet grills on the sides of their mouths. “It makes us feel like a tribe,” explains his wife, Helen Lasichanh, who also wears a camouflage jacket and shorts embellished with little yellow ducks, by the designer Mark McNairy, and oversize houndstooth stockings.







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