Brunello Cuicnelli

Over the last fiver years Brunello Cucinelli has established itself as one of the preeminent names in the world of high-end menswear. With a deliberate and consistent design philosophy, Brunello Cucinelli has gone from a minor player to one of the world’s leading sources of inspiration. The secret to this success is embracing relaxed elegance. Blazers are paired with cargos, while heavy brogues are combined with cashmere sweaters. This same motif is continued in their fall 2014 collection. The collection is dominated by muted colors and takes a more understated tone with a focus on knitwear, denim and semi-formal outerwear.

Brunello Cuicnelli2

Brunello Cuicnelli3

Brunello Cuicnelli4

Brunello Cuicnelli5

Brunello Cuicnelli6

Brunello Cuicnelli7

Brunello Cuicnelli8

Brunello Cuicnelli9


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