buscemi-screw back hat

Known for its obnoxious commitment to quality, luxury label Buscemi is adding to their lineup of luxury goods.  The latest addition comes in the form of a premium Italian leather screwback hat. Originally entering the market with sneakers that paid homage to the iconic Hermés Berkin Bag, the same thought process was applied to the leather hat. Taking cues from Cartier’s classic “Love” bracelet, the hat sports the familiar crew closure and is crafted from pebbled calfskin. The hat is fully adjustable with 18k gold plated closure, screws, and custom BUSCEMI screwdriver.  Retailing for $595 USD, the Buscemi Italian Leather Screwback Hat is currently available via the brand’s online store.

buscemi-screw back hat2

buscemi-screw back hat3

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