According to several reports Apple has set the release date for the new iPhone 6 on September 19th.  This news is consistent with information coming from Asia and from Germany’s Deutsch Telekom. The September release will only be for the 4.7-inch version with  the phablet-size 5.5-inch model being released at a later date. For 2014, the built in memory will be 32GB as opposed to the restrictive 16GB version. The 64GB variant will be available on both the 4.7-inch and  5.5-inch models which will release in the subsequent months.  “The 5.5-inch iPhone 6 is more likely to be equipped with OIS VCM due to lower estimated shipments and the need for more product features to differentiate itself from the 4.7-inch iPhone 6,” Kuo was reported by MacRumors. Starting pricing for the iPhone 6 will be around $848 for the 32GB and over $1000 for the 64GB option.

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