Mizuno Pass The Baton

A little less than a month ago, Mizuno launched a campaign that helped runners to turn their miles into dollars by donating $1 to Back on My Feet for every mile run up to 100,000 miles with Mizuno’s mobile “baton” app. With most charitable causes you don’t always get a chance to see the faces or hear the stories behind the cause.  Today, we wanted to share some of the stories of those who have been impacted positively by this amazing initiative from Mizuno and Back on My Feet.

Back on My Feet Chicago

Mizuno Pass The Baton2Tracy found her way to Grace House (a homeless facility) after being released from incarceration. While living at Grace House, Tracy learned about Back on My Feet and became part of the inaugural group of women to join the St. Leonard’s team in June 2013. When she first started, she did not believe she could even run a mile and since has logged almost 90 miles. Tracy was motivated to continue moving forward and started working towards her high school diploma.  With her new found confidence she began to pursue other opportunities as well and is now working part time as a barista at Gracie’s Café.

Back on My Feet Atlanta

Mizuno Pass The Baton3David is best known among his teammates for his infectious smile, and has quickly proved to be a leader both with Back on My Feet as well as inside the facility. As an Army veteran, David is no stranger to early morning runs. He loves running because it has not only helped him shed a few pounds, but it also gives him time to clear his head. He recently completed his first half marathon, and David says of Back on My Feet, “Y’all encouraged me and saw something in me I didn’t see. I see it now too.”

Be sure to check out the Mizuno Wave Paradox.  As comfortable as they are on your feet they look just as amazing in person.

Mizuno Wave Paradox

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