With the introduction of iOS 8 Apple promises a simpler, faster and more intuitive user experience. Set to be released later this fall, iOS 8 represents the first major overhaul of the operating system since the launch of the app store. Apple users will find more connectivity than ever before across all devices. Everything from the shortcuts to the iCloud photo library to family sharing to Messages has been revamped.

Every photo will now be available across all iOS devices with the photo app offering new editing tools. Messages offers a new feature that will allow you to add voice to any message at the tap of a finger. Share your location or send a video of exactly what you are seeing.  To help execute these new features flawlessly, Apple introduces its most innovative keyboard ever which now suggests contextually-appropriate words and tone to complete your sentences and recognizes who you’re talking to whether you’re using Messages or Mail.

For families, Family Sharing makes it possible for up to six devices to share each other’s  iTunes, iBooks, and App Store purchases. The introduction of iCloud Drive allows you to work on any file; presentations, PDFs, images, etc no matter where you are.

For health and fitness fanatics, Health offers iOS users an entirely new way to put to use health and fitness information. Now everything from your activity tracker and heart rate monitor to your other health and fitness apps can talk to each other seamlessly and all of the information is accessible on one easy-to-read dashboard. An emergency card even be created with health information in case of an emergency. Information can be made available via the Lock screen include blood type, allergies or medications.

For more on the new operating system head over to Apple’s dedicated web page.




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