Mizuno has taken the idea of a traditional support running shoe to a new level with the new Wave Paradox. Balancing runners’ preferences for a lightweight shoe with the need for cushioning and support, Mizuno engineered a running shoe design that breaks the category stereotypes found in the industry. The new Wave Paradox provides runners with enhanced stability without the increased bulk and weight typically associated with the support shoe category, packaged in an unexpected design.

“The Paradox challenged us to look at the support running shoe through a different lens,” said Rod Foley, VP Product Management – Running, Mizuno USA. “We sought to create stability in a running shoe without the unnecessary byproducts of weight and bulk – a unique combination that’s a true paradox for the industry.”

The Wave Paradox has a look unto itself, inspired by the repetitive pattern of Japanese umbrellas. The shoe’s graphic pattern has flowing lines that appear to be curved but are actually straight, further adding to the shoe’s paradoxical identity. The Wave Paradox is retails for $135 and is available at select retailers and online at http://www.mizunorunning.com

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