According to several media outlets including Yahoo and Billboard, Apple was none to pleased about the video that Tyrese Gibson posted which featured the good Doctor boasting about his pending $3.2B sale of his Beats Electronics company to Apple. If you’ve noticed, everything has been real quiet about the deal since the news broke earlier this month and sent the interwebs and the media world into a tizzy.

In the video Dr. Dre boasted about being hip-hop’s first billionaire. There was only one problem – the deal wasn’t final.  Apple also wasn’t terribly excited about the fact that Tyrese said that Dre was “drunk off Heinekens”.

This news doesn’t necessarily point to the deal being killed off, but it certainly rubbed Apple the wrong way.  Apple prides itself on its secrecy and its quiet way of doing business. This was clearly the opposite of what happened here.  Looks like Apple may be reassessing the deal.

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