Live Nation

Viewing concerts this summer is now going to be just a few clicks away.  Live Nation and Yahoo have partnered to live-stream 365 concerts over a year long period beginning this summer. With as many as 1 billion unique visitors, the choice to make Yahoo a strategic partner is a savvy one.  Live Nation will now have access to the Tumblr audience as well digital magazine properties that Yahoo owns. In response to the partnership, Yahoo Chief Marketing Officer Kathy Savitt says:

“There’ve been a lot of attempts in the past to launch events online in more of a one-off or episode nature. This is the first time, at scale, where two behemoths are getting together and saying, ‘Live is the future, and we’re gonna create a daily habit for music fans.”

Beginning in July, Yahoo will launch a new online channel that will feature one live show every day for years to come. In addition, behind the scenes footage and interviews in the hours leading up to and after the performance will also be available. With this move, Live Nation is stepping into the ring with Vevo, YouTube, Vice, Revolt TV and others.

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