A year ago if anyone would have said that  Kevin Durant, CC Sabathia, Robinson Cano, Victor Cruz, Hakeem Nicks, Geno Smith and WNBA star Skylar Diggins would be signed to a Jay Z led sports agency it would have sounded a little absurd. Fast forward to today and Roc Nation is now one of the most high profile sports agency in the world. In a recent GQ+A segment, the popular men’s magazine sat down with Roc Nation president Juan Perez who has been at the center of this movement. In the sit down interview, Perez discusses its current business model, how RNS markets itself and future business plans.  Below is an excerpt from the interview. Head over to GQ for the full interview.

Tell us what you wanted from a first player.
The starting place for us had to be an elite player, cream of the crop. An elite talent with elite character, and a story behind the player.

Did they need to be in New York?
It just happened like that.

What was it about Robbie?
Robbie was perfect. Already huge, a massive inspiration to the Latin community. One of the best players in baseball, the best player at his position. He’s outgoing, he’s always smiling, has discipline, hard-working. It’s easy to market a guy like that.

How did you sell the company to him?
We just explained to Robbie that we’re a 360 company. We don’t just have an agent to negotiate contracts. We also have the branding, the marketing, the publicity. We have different departments. We have artists.


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