Kiton Spring 2014

Today we are featuring one of the top labels in the world when it comes men’s suits and suit jackets.  Mostly known for its staggering pricing and obsessive attention to detail, Kiton presents its 2014 Spring collection.  Kiton uses only the finest fabrics available which are from the exclusive weaving mill Carlo Babera.  The fabric is stored in the company’s basement for up to two years.  As with wine, fabrics like cashmere and wool are living materials and age better with time and need the proper humidity and temperature to yield the best results. The highlight of this collection is the K-50 blazer. A jacket sewn entirely by hand by one tailor over 50 hours.  Here are a few of our favorite looks from the collection.

Kiton Spring 2014(2)

Kiton Spring 2014(3)

Kiton Spring 2014(4)

Kiton Spring 2014(5)

Kiton Spring 2014(6)

Kiton Spring 2014(7)


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