Having had one of the biggest year’s in entertainment history filled with awards and performances at both the Oscars and the GRAMMYs, Pharrell Williams follows this up by landing the cover of GQ magazine’s 2014 April issue. The issue features an interview with the designer and talented artists conducted by GQ’s Zach Baron. Pharrell dishes on everything from his new album to being snubbed at the Oscars to his political insights on who will win the 2016 election.  Below is an excerpt from the interview.  The rest of the interview can be seen here. Look for the April issue of GQ featuring Pharrrell will hit newsstands in the coming weeks.

GQ: Originally G I R L was going to come out in May. Why did you end up moving up the release to March 3?
Because Columbia just was like, “You’re almost done with it; you’re doing the Oscars. There’s almost a billion people watching: Why not give it to them then?” I was like, “Alright, cool.”

You were nominated for an Oscar that night, but didn’t win. How badly did you want it? 
Well, trust me: when they read the results, my face was…frozen. But then I thought about it, and I just decided just to…let it go.

How do you feel about that song?
That song?

“Let It Go”—you just said it. 
How do you feel about the song?

I thought “Happy” would’ve been a more interesting choice. 
Is it going to be here for ten years—that song from Frozen?

Seems like that happens a lot with that particular Oscar category. 
Well, I asked you what your opinion was, and you’re entitled to it, and I hope you print it. Did you like my answer?

I thought your answer was great.
My face was frozen, but I just decided to—

Oh, I got it.
—I just decided to let it go.

This is your second solo record, after 2006’s In My Mind—did this one feel different? 
Way different. In My Mind was just purpose-oriented toward, like, competing and being like my peers—the Jays and the Puffs of the world, who make great music. But their purposes and their intentions are just completely different than what I have discovered in myself that I wanted to achieve in this one. So it makes it easier to sing about, because I don’t gotta sing about myself. Jay’s good at that. He’s great at it. I began to sound so self-serving and so self-satisfied, whereas he can do it and make you feel inspirational about who he is and what his intention is.

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