broccoli city

Part of the evolution of any self-aware man is knowing all there is to know about how to keep one’s inner-self healthy, as well as knowing how to keep the world around him healthy and sustainable. This is the mission of L.A.-based, Broccoli City Lifestyle Group. Over the past five years, founder Brandon McEachern has turned Broccoli City into equal parts LLC, branding company, clothing line, community outreach organization, blog site, party sponsor, and, as of last year, an official host of the Broccoli City Earth Day Festival, which will take place this year in two separate cities: Washington D.C. (April 19, 2014) and L.A. (May 3, 2014).

This year’s festival, which was announced last week, will feature, fitness, pop-up shops, art and much more. Going along with its hip, cutting edge reputation, the festival welcomes NY fashionista and multi-talented artist, Vashtie Kola as its celebrity host. According to Complex, last year’s Big K.R.I.T.-headlined D.C. festival drew 3,000 people. This year will definitely draw more. The main stage lineup for this year’s festival boasts of big music names like Just Blaze, Cam’ron, Dizzy Wright, Kelela, and more, with more names to be announced closer to the festival dates.

Now, we know what you’re thinking, “Ugh, another music festival!” Well, think of it this way: most music festivals aren’t invested in a cause other than the music itself. This specific festival is centered around Earth Day and trying to raise awareness among urban communities about the benefits of health and sustainable living–with a cool and loud twist. The organization’s key message on the two, bicoastal dates will be “green awareness,” “nutrition,” as well as, yes, yoga instruction. But, since the festival is centered around Earth Day, most of it will be about how to keep the environment clean and safe (so if you plan to attend, DON’T LITTER).

As you might know, anything from the kind of car you drive, to how much you recycle, to the kinds of hairspray you use can effect the environment, but have you thought about alternatives to your leisure time? What if, instead of driving to your local speakeasy for a game of poker, you saved your gas and the environment from your car’s emissions by playing poker at home, online? Of particular interest here would be Betfair, and not just because of their various poker gaming options available. Since 2007, this online gambling company has been fully committed to minimizing its environmental impact. That alone will make you feel doubly dutiful about your responsibility as an earth-aware citizen.

Broccoli City would definitely approve of this and really anything you can do to turn a serious issue like environmental awareness into something that you can implement into your private life. But just leave the party organizing up to these folks.

Following last year’s Broccoli City festival, Huffington Post contributor Quentin James, penned a column entitled “We Need More Broccoli Cities.” He wrote, “However, it’s not just about engaging and working with new people, it’s also about creating inclusive spaces to engage everyone in these conversations.” He then added, “It’s no secret that in cities like Washington, D.C., environmental degradation has a disproportionate impact on people of color and young people.” Well, thank goodness that Broccoli City has stepped up to the plate to educate people. Maybe they’ll be the ones that make it cool for kids of all colors to eat their veggies.

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