sebastian-andrieu-MR PORTER

Into the Open – For its latest issue of The Journal, luxury retailer MR PORTER has tapped French model and actor Sebastian Andrieu to be the subject to bring some of the more utilitarian pieces to life.  Photographed by John Balsom and styled by Dan May, Andrieu embraces the outdoor environment and is lensed in the latest weather-friendly fabrics from Acne, Woolrich and Balmain to name a few. The French native recalls about his time growing up in the South of France, “I’d sometimes feel, as many teenagers do, the need to rebel. I’d feel that society wasn’t built to accommodate me. In times like this, I’d always go back to nature. I’d go hiking and surround myself in it, absorb its energy.” Shop the story from MR PORTER.

sebastian-andrieu-MR PORTER2

sebastian-andrieu-MR PORTER3

sebastian-andrieu-MR PORTER4

sebastian-andrieu-MR PORTER5

sebastian-andrieu-MR PORTER6

sebastian-andrieu-MR PORTER7

sebastian-andrieu-MR PORTER8

sebastian-andrieu-MR PORTER9

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