Your watercooler cheat sheet

Celebrity Arrivals at the 2013 Style Awards in NYC

Good morning!  Here are the 5 things you need to know this morning

Live in a city?  This is how long you have to wait to see a doctor. A survey of physician practices in 15 metropolitan areas across the country, which was taken before the health law expanded coverage, found that the average wait time for a new patient to see a physician in five medical specialties was 18.5 days. (Washington Post)

Why the rich are freaking out.  The nation’s wealthiest, denizens of the loftiest slice of the 1 percent, appear to be having a collective meltdown. (Politico)

Live near an airline hub?  You probably pay more to fly. Not all airports are equal — and the ones with a dominant hub airline tend to extract more from travelers’ wallets. (Bloomberg Businessweek)

One of the geniuses behind the hit game Candy Crush explains why some levels are so tough to beat.  (Business Insider)

Two spaces after a period and why you should never, ever do it. (Slate)


Super model Kate Upton is proving that she is more than just a pretty face.  She recently replicated New York Giant’s Victor Cruz’s famous end zone dance.  Check it out here.

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