Your watercooler cheat sheet


Good morning!  Here are the 5 things you need to know this morning

Poor Justin Bieber just can’t catch a break.  Now the White House has to respond to a petition to deport Mr. Bieber.  Washington may still be buzzing about Tuesday’s State of the Union, but many Americans are concerned about another issue facing the nation: the immigration status of Justin Bieber. (Politico)

How to craft the perfect email subject line. If it’s your job to come up with a subject line that is compelling enough to cut through all that clutter, it’s a good idea to leverage your experience as an email recipient to help you craft the perfect subject line. What gets your attention? How do you decide which emails to trash unopened and which to read? (TheNextWeb)

The science behind an itch.  Scientists finally find the neurons that produce the sensation of itch. (Discover Magazine)

Everything you’d want to know about the Super Bowl ads you’ll see this Sunday. Some brands remain unconfirmed, and this is a living chart: We’ll update it every time we get new details on a particular marketer with ad time between the opening kick-off and the final whistle. (AdAge)

A new study reveals a surprising trait that will help you live longer. According to a new study a research shows that those who display a slow reaction time in midlife are more likely to die years before those who are faster on their feet. (Huffington Post)


Anna Kendrick is still gushing about her after Grammy experience when she met Beyonce.  “I feel like we’re either gonna be best friends, or she has a restraining order,” Kendrick said of Beyonce. “But … you gotta try.”

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