Your watercooler cheat sheet


Good morning and happy Friday!  Here are the 5 things you need to know this morning.

How easy is it to rent an exotic car? Justin Bieber was pulled over and arrested for numerous offenses in a rented Lamborghini Gallardo that included DUI and resisting arrest. He’s 19 years old and he had a suspended license. So how did he get in the car in the first place? Welcome to the world of high priced exotic rentals. (Jalopink)

How your wage compares to the average in your country and to the rest of the world. (CNN)

The first 5 things you should do if you are a victim of identity theft.  If you know or suspect that you are the victim of identity theft, there are steps you should take immediately to stop the theft and minimize the damage. (Lifehacker)

How to avoid every common mistake when booking a flight.  There is a science to airfare: The day, time of day, and the time of the month that you book matter. (Quartz)

A comprehensive list of what to eat and what not to eat before sex.  Everything you need to enhance or systematically destroy the mood. (Nerve)


Singer Ashanti is under fire for a seemingly anti-gay comment she made to a Twitter user this week.

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