Toyota F1 Concept

Toyota blew the doors off of the Detroit Auto Show with the unveiling of its Toyota FT-1 Concept.  Positioned as a possible successor to the Supra that Toyota enthusiasts have come to know has been a project of the automotive company’s Calty design studio for over two years now and represents a strong stance by the Japanese automaker.  No more boring cars.

“It really expresses the direction that we’re moving in and the company we are evolving into which is one that develops more exciting vehicles with heart, more emotion, more driver-engaged products that speak to the excitement of driving,” said Kevin Hunter, President of Toyota’s Calty Design Research studio.

Technical features of the Toyota FT-1 Concept are still scarce, but for now we can enjoy what Toyota is setting out to accomplish.  In a debt of gratitude to gamers, the FT-1 will be available for download within Gran Turismo 6 starting 14 January.

Toyota F1 Concept2

Toyota F1 Concept3

Toyota F1 Concept4

Toyota F1 Concept5

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