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Katy Perry Tour Demands

It’s been almost eight months since we did our last “5 Things” article.  It would only be right that we kick off the 2014 year by bringing it back.  So, back by popular demand, here are the 5 things you need to know this morning.

If you ask Siri about “Her”, you’re going to get a pretty serious response. The general sentiment among moviegoers is that this is an uber-advanced version of the iPhone’s Siri, the virtual assistant that more often functions like a bumbling intern. Siri — or her programmers at Apple — clearly got wind of this comparison, and seemingly decided to have some fun with it. Or, Siri is actually really smart and is super mad about the bad publicity. (BuzzFeed)

Now even some Girl Scouts are accepting Bitcoin.  Bitcoin knows no boundaries. An entrepreneurial—and tech savvy—group of girl scouts has decided to accept Bitcoins as well as regular greenbacks at their pop-up coffee shop. (Motherboard)

The smartest book about our current digital age was actually published in 1929. How José Ortega y Gasset’s The Revolt of the Masses helps us understand everything from YouTube to Duck Dynasty. (The Daily Beast)

Two easy ways to simplify your workout. (The Third Metric)

App developers see smartwatches as the next big thing.  Wearable computers like Google Glass and the Samsung Galaxy Gear watch may not have caught fire yet, but that hasn’t stopped mobile game developers from rushing to create apps for the new devices, eager to seize what they hope is the next big moment in consumer technology.  Niccolo DeMasi, the CEO of mobile games maker Glu Mobile, compares the potential of wearables to that of Apple Inc’s iPhone launch in 2007 – an event that was the catalyst to create much of the mobile app world that exists now. (Business Insider)


Most artist have very specific tour riders.  This could include anything from all green M&M’s to a certain level of lighting in the dressing room.  According to a recent report. Katy Pery’s rider is a little more down to earth and includes various fresh vegetables such as spinach, broccoli, celery, and kale, one large basket of tropical fruit, and healthy granola. She also placed a request for low-fat meals without MSG and always with a vegetarian option, as well as snacks of dried figs, whole-grain tortilla chips, and hummus. (TMZ)

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