dicaprio home

Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the greatest actors of our era and he is certainly taking home a well deserved payday after his highly acclaimed movie The Wolf of Wall Street. The recent sale of his Malibu Beach home is also going to go in his assets column. The home is located in the exclusive Malibu Colony community, which also boasts Sting, Tom Hanks and Bill Murray as homeowners.  The home was sold for $17.3M  and features three separate buildings:  a main house with four bedrooms, a guest house with two bedrooms, and a “ceiling” with a bedroom which contains a gym and office.  Outdoors, the new owner gets a deck overlooking the beach, jacuzzi, spa, fire place and large garden.  DiCaprio originally purchased the house in 2002.

dicaprio home2

dicaprio home3

dicaprio home4

dicaprio home5

dicaprio home6

dicaprio home7

dicaprio home8

dicaprio home9

dicaprio home10

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