Paul Walker2

By now most have heard of the unfortunate passing of Paul Walker.  Like most things these days, the way I found out was via social media.  I was on the way home for the movies and I checked my Instagram account and I thought that couldn’t be right.  So interestingly enough, I went to Facebook and it was confirmed. I then checked traditional media outlets to read about the details.

There are those artists and entertainers that define a generation.  Paul Walker defined my generation.  There has been no bigger franchise of movies that identifies with a certain demographic than the Fast and Furious franchise.  At the center of that franchise was Paul Walker.  He has of course done other films, but this is how I will remember Paul Walker.

I didn’t know Paul Walker personally, but he just seemed like that guy that you could hang out with and have a good time.  From everything I’ve read, he was a good guy too. He died on the way to an event for his charity.

Much like the the other lives that have been ripped away from us too soon, this serves as another reminder that life is precious.  Tomorrow is not promised and all we have is today.  Today, our thoughts and prayers are with Paul Walker and his family.

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