There’s not a whole lot that we know about Jay-Z‘s upcoming Magna Carta Holy Grail album except for the fact that Hova has partnered with Samsung to giveaway 1 million copies prior to the official release date.  We also know that Jay has teamed up with some heavyweight producers in what is sure to be a production smash.

As the album release date draws near, more details are starting to emerge.  In a recent interview with the Huffington Post, Courtney Love discussed a myriad of topics including clearing Jay to use lyrics from the iconic 90’s song.

 “I’m letting Jay-Z use lyrics – Francis would freak [if she knew this.] Jay-Z’s huge and we’re friends. I mean we’re not besties or anything….” – Courtney Love

Jay has always had an appreciation and a respect for Nirvana.  In Pharrell Williams’ 2012 book Pharrell: Places and Spaces I’ve Been, he shared his thoughts on the classic single “Smells Like Teen Spirit”.

Like everyone else, we’re looking forward to the finished project which officially drops on July 4th.  If you’re a Samsung Galaxy owner, you’ll be treated to the album 72 hours in advance.

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