In continuing with the celebration of its 50th anniversary, Lamborghini recently unveiled an interesting concept car dubbed the “Egoista”.  Credit for the concept goes to Italian designer and current head of Volkswagen Group Design, Walter de Silva.  If the silhouette looks familiar, that is because it draws inspiration from the Apache helicopter.

“the single-seater concept is characterized by two fundamental aspects: its architecture, and the materials used. the cockpit, designed like a tailor-made
suit for the driver, is a removable section which, once combined with the rest of the vehicle, creates a perfect technical, mechanical and aerodynamic unit.
influenced by the world of aviation – specifically an apache helicopter – the cockpit can be ejected in an emergency.”

The Egoista boasts a 600 horsepower V10 engine.  For now this remains just a concept.  Should it make it to production, we will definitely let you know.  Here are a few of our favorite pics.





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