There’s a reason why people say “they don’t make music like they use to.”  It’s partly because they don’t.  Sure music, and sound has to evolve but if you listen to what’s available now compared to what was available in the 90’s you see and hear the differences clearly.

In 1994 a young emcee by the name of Nas rose to fame with his critically acclaimed debut album Illmatic.  To this day you can listen to the album and get a sense of what life was like for someone growing up in New York, described in a way that we had never heard before.

With the release of the pre-illmatic demo you get a glimpse as to what was to come. The album featured numerous guest appearances by the likes of Biz Markie, Cormega, MC Serch, Kool G Rap.  Click play above and enjoy.

Pre- Illmatic Demo Tracklist

1. Understanding 0:00 – Featuring AZ & Biz Markie
2. Life Is Like A Dice Game 3:12
3. Just Another Day In The Projects 5:51
4. Déjà Vu 9:04 – Produced by Chris Winston
5. Back To The Grill 12:51 – Featuring MC Serch feat. Chubb Rock & Red Hot Lover Tone Produced by T-Ray
6. Everything Is Real 17:53 – Featuring Shapelle
7. I’m A Villain 20:09 – Produced by Large Professor
8. Number One With A Bullet 24:31 – Featuring Kool G. Rap & Whiteboy
9.  Will Prevail (It Ain’t Hard To Tell Original) 28:47 – Produced by Large Professor
10. On The Real (Original) 33:45 – Featuring Akinyele, Screwball, & Cormega
11. Live At The BBQ 37:13 – Featuring Fatal & Akinyele

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