Your watercooler cheat sheet

Actress Gwyneth Paltrow arrives at the 2012 Vanity Fair Oscar party in West Hollywood

Happy Hump Day!  Here are few things you need to know this morning.

The terrifying reality of long-term unemployment.  There are two labor markets nowadays. There’s the market for people who have been out of work for less than six months, and the market for people who have been out of work longer. The former is working pretty normally, and the latter is horribly dysfunctional. (The Atlantic)

The Madden class-action lawsuit triples its payout to gamers.  If you bought EA Sports’ American football products between 2005 and mid-2012 there’s some good news. (Kotaku)

All American Airlines flights were grounded yesterday afternoon due to a computer outage.  (CBS News)

Everyone’s heard of the term “knock on wood”.  But why exactly do we do it? (Mental Floss)

How Apple lost its cool.  If you have to tell someone you’re cool, or your product is cool, you aren’t, and it isn’t. Right now, Apple has to tell people it and its products are cool. (Digital Trends)


Gwyneth Patrow recently topped Star magazine’s list of the 20 Most Hated Celebrities in Hollywood. (Radar Online)

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