A$AP Interview5

As we reported yesterday, Harlem rapper A$AP Rocky will be interviewed in the forthcoming issue of Interview Magazine.  Interestingly enough, the interview with A$AP was conducted by designer Alexander Wang.  The discussion dives into topics ranging from the historic year he is having, to music to how he ended up in fashion.

ALEXANDER WANG: Where you at?

A$AP ROCKY: I’m in New York right now. I’m getting ready for this Rihanna tour.

WANG: When does it kick off?

ROCKY: Tomorrow.

WANG: Oh, so you’re right on the cusp!

ROCKY: Hell, yeah! So how’s this going? Are they recording us? Or is the interview just what you put down.

WANG: [laughs] No, I think they’re recording us.

ROCKY: Oh, shit! [both laugh] By the way, congratulations on Balenciaga, dude—I just gotta hand it to you.

WANG: Thank you.

ROCKY: It makes me happy that you’re doing that. How’s it been for you so far?

WANG: You know, it’s still so new to me, having this experience and having this journey kind of be the first chapter . . . The first chapter is done but it’s going to take time to really develop what the next step will be. I’ve been given an opportunity to do something really different from what I do. It was difficult, but I realized that I had to take a dive at it and not focus on the fear. Of course, there are so many people who say you can’t do it because you have a reputation for doing something really different, but I ignored all of that and just went in there, and it was an amazing experience. Everyone was so welcoming and supportive. I guess I just have to let the work speak for itself and let it go from there.

ROCKY: What do you feel has been the most complicated part of working now between Alexander Wang and Balenciaga? What’s been most difficult?

WANG: I guess, the day, logistically speaking—just splitting the time. I’ve always been so much a part of every aspect of my company, but now, having to split my time has been a real learning curve in terms of detaching myself a bit and being able to work with a different mind-set…

To check out the full interview before the full issue hits newsstands, visit Interview Magazine.

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