Your watercooler cheat sheet

Good morning.  Here’s the news.

Confused about which airline extras you should and shouldn’t be paying for?  Not to worry, here’s the breakdown.  (The Economist)Lindsey Vonn2

If you find yourself on a busted cruise ship, here are a few tips to help you survive. (Business Insider)

How did last week’s Samsung launch event go from a Broadway show to a sexist mess? (The Verge)

According to a new report by the College Savings Plans Network, more grandparents are paying for their grandkids college education. (CNBC)

If you drink coffee, you may want to stop by a Burger King this week.  Burger King will be selling its “coffeehouse-style” lattes for $1, in vanilla, caramel, mocha, plain, and non-fat flavors. (Fox News)


It’s Facebook official.  Gold medalist Lindsey Vaughn confirmed via Facebook that she is in fact in a relationship with Tiger Woods.  Rumors about the pair dating have been floating around for months.

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