Joe Fresh JCP2

Fans of the Canadian label Joe Fresh have only been able to buy the preppy line in New York and New Jersey.  Starting this weekend, everyone will be able to purchase the popular brand.  In partnership with JCP, Joe Fresh will be available in 681 of JCP’s retail stores.

The deal was originally announced in July by JCP CEO Ron Johnshon to further make his “shops” concept a reality.  Joe Fresh is a lifestyle brand and its line at JCPenney will feature everything from a $4 pair of flip flops to $39 silk tops. Nothing from Joe Fresh’s JCPenney shop will cost more than $69, according to Racked.


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  1. This is a great post, would you consider posting this to the FB Page – Bloggers4JCPenney – I really want them to succeed and think bloggers would be a big influence.


    1. Absolutely! We want to see them succeed as well. Please share this post with your audience. We want to help them generate as much of a grassroots buzz as possible.


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