Prada Fall/Winter 2013 Collection

Prada 2013 FW

Prada Fall/Winter 2013 Collection

According to Miuccia Prada, the latest collection from Prada aims to answer the question “what is daily fashion?”  Prada goes on to say “ is what you want to wear. The shirt you want to wear, the sweater you want to wear, what a human wants to wear.”

Following the comments from backstage and the live stream of the menswear show in Milan, we are happy to present looks from the collection.  There is a strong emphasis in outerwear, from wool or leather overcoats, worn mostly open, to baseball jackets with knit waistlines.

Prada 2013 FW2

Prada 2013 FW3

Prada 2013 FW4

Prada 2013 FW5

Prada 2013 FW6

Prada 2013 FW7

Prada 2013 FW8

Prada 2013 FW9

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