Happy Hump day! Here are the five things you need to know this morning.taylor_swift

  • A study by the Economist Intelligence Unit has just identified the best and worst places to be born. The top countries included Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and Canada.  Angola, Kazakhstan and Ukraine are among the worst places to be born.
  • Just ahead of next year’s World Cup, news out of Brazil is that the prostitutes are signing up in droves to learn the English language.  Prostitution just happens to be legal in Brazil.
  • AIG, one of the companies that took government bailout money is considering suing the government.  They are claiming that they were forced to take bail out money. Wait, what?!?!
  • Our friends here at Facebook are up to their old tricks again.  They have begun rolling out a new single-column timeline with an emphasis on messages.
  • U.S. News and World Reports has come out with their annual list of best and worst diets.  We’ve linked to the full list here.


We may have another Taylor Swift hit in the works.  Taylor Swift and current boyfriend and One Direction band member Harry Styles have reportedly broken up.

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