Good morning.  Here’s what you need to knowkim-kanye

  • This season’s “The Apprentice” may be on a very short leash.  NBC chief Bob Greenblatt said that the network is keeping a very close eye on Donald Trump after a series of comments he has made about and towards President Obama. 
  • Under a deal announced on Monday, Bank of America reached a settlement to pay Fannie Mae $3.6 billion for shoddy loans made during the real estate meltdown.
  • Tickets to the Presidential Inauguration that were supposed to go on sale today to the public were accidentally made available by Ticketmaster yesterday.  A full day before they were to have gone out. It’s unclear as to how many tickets were sold or if there are any left as a result of the mistake. Oops.
  • Disney is rolling out a new bracelet designed to build loyalty.  Visitors would wear rubber bracelets encoded with credit card information that allows you to purchase food, merchandise and even lets you know how long the wait time is on any ride.  Privacy advocates are claiming that this may be an invasion of privacy as Disney will literally know your every move.
  • According to a new study by the University of Essex in England, seeing green makes you work out better.  Working out in the great outdoors may produce more psychological benefits than hitting the gym.


The world has only known about the Kimye pregnancy for a week, but that hasn’t stopped the tabloids from trying to get the couple’s first baby photos.   An overseas tabloid has already offered to pay $3 million to obtain the photos.  Kimye have reportedly turned the offer down.

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