Impress Your Girlfriends Friends3


Whether you know it or not, the key to your relationships survival could very well rest on how well you get along with your girlfriend’s friends.  Her friends are her counselors and the ones that she’ll go to for advice when it comes to you.  It is imperative that you get her friends, at least here really close ones, on your side.

Here are a few tips to help them get behind you.

Be yourself

There’s a quote that goes something like “be yourself because everyone else is already taken.”  Just be yourself.  Your girlfriend fell in love with you for who you are. Let her friends see the person that she’s gotten to know and fallen in love with.

How you interact with her

You treat your woman like a queen (or at least you should be), let them see this. You don’ have to be over the top or extra with it, just make sure they see it.  They’ll love it, and may even be jealous of the fact that their loser boyfriends aren’t giving them the same treatment.

Put her first

It’s a fact that women talk to each other about their relationships.  The good and the not so good.  Give her something good to talk about.  If her car is low on gas, fill it up for her before the week starts without telling her.  She’ll be bragging about you and singing your praises to her friends at work.

Interact with her friends

You may not like all of her friends, but it is important to establish some rapport with the friends that matter to your woman.  They need to get to know the real you, flaws and everything.  Not just the guy that she brags to them about.

Once they realize you’re human and you make mistakes just like everyone else, the easier it will be for them to warm up to you.  Having her friends on your side can go a very long way in your relationship

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