Good morning.  Here’s what you need to know as you begin your Friday eve.Hannah Storm

  • Yesterday, we reported that dollars that were supposed to go to hurricane Sandy victims who desperately need the help have been put on hold. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie didn’t take it to kindly and absolutely unloaded on House Republicans.
  • Looking to score a date online?  You may have missed your window.  New research found that 8:52 p.m. last night was your chance.  The study suggests that as people get back from the high that is New Year’s eve and settle back into their lives, they were more open than at any other time to online dating.
  • As the saying goes, time flies when you’re having fun. Now, there’s science to actually back it up.  Research conducted by neuro-physiologists in the U.K. shows that our emotions affect our awareness of the passing of time.
  • KitKat fans can rejoice. Nestlé has won a trademark lawsuit against Cadbury over their rights to the candy bar’s shape. Now, confectioners will not be able to sell products with a similar, four-bar structure.
  • According to tech blog, The Next Web, Apple has begun testing the iPhone 6 and iOS 7.


In mid-December ESPN anchor, Hannah Storm, suffered horrible burns in a gas grill accident that really could have happened to anyone.  ABC’s World News Tonight interviewed Storm and has released the very emotional and inspirational interview. We’ve linked to the video here.

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